About Me

Maria LeeDonna Wilson MLCP
Owner and Founder of SeeKlarity©

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to see who I am and what my business, SeeKlarity©, is about. My name is Maria LeeDonna Wilson, but feel free to just call me Donna.  I have an energetic sense of humor, and a down to earth, funny, personable, ‘non-sugar-coated’, can-do type of personality.  I am professional, reliable, and will keep you accountable to ensure your empowerment progress.

What does a Self-Empowerment Life Coach actually do, you may ask?  I am a dialogue partner that specializes in all things You, Your Self-Mastery and Your Relationships.  All change starts from within, so, we start with the relationship you have with yourself first to see what your inner-core informs you of on a daily basis.  Once we get an understanding of what limiting beliefs may need to be let go of, we then engage in dialogue around the relationships in which you hold most dear or may be challenging at the moment.

Why choose me to assist you with your journey?

My Certifications are as follows:

  1. Life Coach
  2. Master Life Coach
  3. Confidence Life Coach
  4. Transformation Life Coach

I established SeeKlarity© in a fourth-story apartment when I had nothing else to lose. We all have things that happen in life that we have to bounce back from, right? For transparency, here are just a few experiences I have overcome: I moved to another city with just the clothes I had at the time with my two young daughters; experienced a divorce; experienced being ostracized by my family, and when both of my daughters grew to be in high school they decided to move back with their father with no reasons as to why.

During these times, I experienced low self-esteem, weight gain, trust issues, self-neglect, resentment, depression, and non-existent confidence. I was fortunate to come across a Life Coach and various Podcasts where I received golden life nuggets that woke me up.

I instantly got to work on myself and became a vigilant student of Psychology, Wellness, Fitness, Cultivating Relationships, Holistic Relationships, Healing, Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Law of Attraction, etc. I also repeatedly read books and materials from Lisa Nichols, Brene Brown, Marie Forleo, Michael Singer, Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, Michael Neill, Oprah Winfrey, Shannon Lee, and more.

My self-care, self-image, confidence, self-esteem, and self-empowerment all thrive and I experience fulfilling relationships in all facets of my life. I knew my life’s purpose was to create a non-judgmental space for individuals who may be going through tough times and to Reinforce Innate Greatness for them.

Contact: SeeKlarity@gmail.com