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No matter how busy you both get; you must always make time for each other.  Sparks will not fade as your marriage continues if you nourish your relationship just like you did when you started dating.  Do your best to  not get into any mondaine routines and keep intimacy as an utmost priority. Both you… Continue reading DATE NITE WHEN MARRIED


Love yourself and others everyday, not just on one specific day. LOVE is a powerful emotion and has the ability to contrive a force within you to create, nurture, motivate, dream, appreciate, accept, forgive, be grateful, etc. Do not take the love of self and others for granted. Love others as you want to be… Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Raising Teenage Girls

We can all agree that the teenage years are the most chaotic, frustrating, hormonal with emotional highs and lows, impressionable, risk-taking, yet rewarding years for our girls. I swear, weren’t we just changing their diapers? We can’t help but feel a bit of pride, right seeing them grow into young women? And then, we snap… Continue reading Raising Teenage Girls

Unlock the Secret to Developing a Fulfilling and Long-lasting Relationship After a Break-up or Divorce

Men and women long to have fulfilling relationships regardless of age. The complexities of relationships change as we mature over time. The wonderful fact is that everyone changes; however, some faster than others. We have an innate desire to be with others that complement us at that particular season of our lives. I have often… Continue reading Unlock the Secret to Developing a Fulfilling and Long-lasting Relationship After a Break-up or Divorce

The Journey Begins

SeeKlarity is a strong positive non-judgemental platform designed to reinforce the essence of humanity by building a brand of unparalleled mindfulness and self-awareness.  This platform shares life experiences with lessons learned at each stage in an effort to bring forth clarity, education, comfort, advice and understanding.  Niches or services offered are, but are not limited… Continue reading The Journey Begins

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