Tanikka Brooks

First off, I want to start off by saying Donna is a wonderful person inside and out.
When I started my sessions I was very leery and nervous. She made the atmosphere very warm and comfortable and opening up about my life made it even easier. Talking to her has made me realize how many things / issues I  have going on in my life that are positive and negative. She has made me hit key points in every conversation that I never thought I would express to anyone and it has made me become a better person to myself , family and friends. I look forward to our sessions every Tuesday she gives me small projects to do to work on to better myself and I love it. I have a ways to go but having her sessions I can see that its going to help me now and in the long run. She makes it so easy to talk to her about anything and she does not judge no matter what not even her body language changes, lol. I like the fact that when I ask a question she ask a question and make me think her tactics are amazing on hitting key points. I like how she gets you to answer your own questions and then you sit back and marinate on it and think on it and then realize why certain scenarios have occurred whether its positive or negative. I also like that she opens up each sessions on how are you feeling and ask what has been going on since we last met make me feel good and know that she does care. I suggest that if you need someone to talk to, just to scream, or to cry or let out any emotions out Donna, with SeeKlarity, is the best choice you can make. She is definitely here to help you make a difference in your life for the better.