No matter how busy you both get; you must always make time for each other.  Sparks will not fade as your marriage continues if you nourish your relationship just like you did when you started dating.  Do your best to  not get into any mondaine routines and keep intimacy as an utmost priority. Both you and your spouse will grow bored with routine lifestyle.

Some keys to a beautiful and fulfilling relationship are:

1️⃣ Communicate with engagement while you listen to understand and not to respond

2️⃣ Talk to each other

3️⃣ Learn yourself and one another daily by asking thought-provoking questions

4️⃣ Grow with one another with a goal for both of you to be able to be in full alignment with who you truly are

5️⃣ Believe in your form of source energy

6️⃣ Have respect for one another

7️⃣ Be Selfless

8️⃣ Encourage and support goals, dreams, aspirations

9️⃣ Show them that you love them, which goes WAY further than just empty words

1️⃣0️⃣ Enjoy the journey of life together, including all of ups and down…etc… Do this and you can experience the infinite circle of falling in love with your mate over and over again.

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